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Sending PDF pages of PBI report using Power automate

HI esteemed experts,

I am currently on a PRO license. I am attempting to automate the sending of PDF paged of PBI reports to different users using Power automate. Some of these users do not have a PBI license and so subscription method is not effective. I have followed along the tutorial below, but my flow is not running successfully:

Power BI Export to PDF and Send Email using Power Automate #TAIK18 (1-13) Power BI - YouTube

The error message that I received upon triggering the flow is as follows:

“report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity”

One of the relevant articles that I am guided to when researching upon this error is as follows:

Chris Webb’s BI Blog: Calling The Power BI Export API From Power Automate, Part 2: Creating A Flow That Exports A Paginated Report To A CSV File Chris Webb’s BI Blog (

But even this does not work for me as the solution proposed requires Power BI premium license.

Hi @musa.fasih, while waiting for others to jump in, have you tried watching the tutorial by @henry.habib on Power Automate to check if this was discussed?

You may login to Enterprise DNA On-Demand to access the course:

I have checked Henry’s course on Power Automate but cant find it there.

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Hi - I have checked it and it is limitation of Power Automate. To Export to PDF, report shall be part of Dedicated workspace. Also, User running the Flow should be part of Dedicated workspace meaning Premium per User license will also not work.

Ankit J


Hi @musa.fasih, did the response provided by @ankit help clarify your concern? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark as solution the answer that solved your query.

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Hello @musa.fasih, did the response above help solve your query? It’s been a while since we got a response from you. In case there won’t be any activity on it in the next few days, we’ll be tagging this post as Solved.

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Yes I understand that it is a limitation of Power Automate so all good. Thank you.

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