Selling PowerBI reports on a subscription basis

Hi all
My company would like us to be able to develop PowerBI models for clients and then sell them on a subscription basis rather than on an hourly rate. Partly to protect our Intellectual Property and partly because it’s very attractive commerically.
The only way I can think you could do this in a way that would allow you to remove access if the client stopped paying their subscription would be to build the report in our own tenant and then grant them guest access. However the client would probably object to their data not being in their tenant.
Anyone else come across this? Any useful thoughts?
James Walsh.
Isosceles Finance, UK.

If the customer is an Office 365 customer, and your company is their Partner of Record (POR) then you’ve got admin access to their tenant. In that case, you’d easily be able to control access to the reports and they’d have their data in their tenant versus in your tenant.

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Thanks for the info Mickey. We’re not an official Microsoft partner so looks like this isn’t an option currently. Useful to know though - thanks.