Selling EnterpriseDNA courses via the Teachable affiliate program


Thanks again for the feedback earlier about what software you use for your courses. We’ve been using regularly for training customers in using our GPS telematics software.

I’ve been doing some really interesting things with our customers gps data with Power Bi and we are about to launch giving them the option to access their gps data and use Power Bi themselves.

One of the options we are looking at offering is training and I’d really like to on sell EnterpriseDNA using the affiliate option within seeing we are both using it. Would make life a lot easier.

Let me know your thoughts.


David Nealon

Yes definitely.

Have you signed up for our program?

We already have all the functionality set up on here through teachable.

Just let me know if there’s any other details or info I can provide


Hi Sam,

That’s great to hear, I’d like to have a conversation with someone over the phone about this.

I’m also crazy busy at the moment also.

Could someone please send me a contact phone number to call when I have a chance to discuss.

My direct email is

Thanks in advance

David Nealon