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Select all in Slicer after using Filter panel does not work

A client found something very interesting.

She filtered a slicer from Filter Panel.
After, she selected all in the slicer (that was aready filtered) .

Here where I started:
Select all, and bring 15 Mill

if you go to the filter panel and filter the slicer (let say, customer start with “a”).

Now, if you apply Select all from the already “filtered” slicer, it brings the values of all clients, not only the one that starts with “a”… as you expected (select all that start with “a”).

Any way to change this behaviour
Selectall slicer Customer Insight.pbix (558.5 KB)


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You need to put that condition as page filter not a visual filter .
Try this and it will solve your problem.


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Hey @ezenunez
Thanks for posting your query.
Another way that I suggest you is to filter the table using filter pane along with filtering the slicer.


Nice approach but you do not think filtter visual by visual is not good we should filter the whole page.

What your take on my thought.


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It depends on your approach.
By filtering the whole page, all other vis will be filtered. If you want it to be like that, so go for defining a page filter, and you are done.
But, if you just want to filter the table, putting a page filter would not be necessary. And since @ezenunez just said about filtering the table, I thought maybe it is more suitable to just filter the table.


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Ok got your point it totally depend on use case .

Thanks for reply.

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Generally - I turn off ALL of the filters that affect the individual visuals, as it cases confusion for my users.
(I keep hoping for the option to toggle all ‘filters on this visual’ options off with a single tick - but not yet).

So, my filter pane looks like this when in design mode and I click on a visual:

Users are given “filters on this page”, and “filters on all pages” as needed
and in some cases, I turn off the filter pane completely, using only slicers on the page.

This gives my users a good experience without causing as much filter confusion.


Thank you all for your contribution.
In my opinion it is a design problem from Power BI.
If I am the user I would filter the whole page so everything is in sync.

For my users, I will follow Heather recommendation.
I am still new in this Power Bi Journey and I can see there is a lot to learn!

Many thanks again to all of you.

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