Scheduled Refresh running late

Hi Team,

I have Scheduled Refresh setup on my Dataset to start at 7:00 AM EST. Daily it is running around that time only however yesterday it started at 8:23 AM EST i.e. around 1:30 Hours late.

Is there any way I can check what might be the reason for the same or is there any known issue related to this.

Ankit Jain

Hi @ankit,

I found this section in the documentation:

Note also that the configured refresh time might not be the exact time when Power BI starts the next scheduled process. Power BI starts scheduled refreshes on a best effort basis. The target is to initiate the refresh within 15 minutes of the scheduled time slot, but a delay of up to one hour can occur if the service can’t allocate the required resources sooner.

Here’s the link to the full article.

See for known issues the support page:

Hi @Melissa

Thanks for response. Microsoft Support Team confirmed that the issue was at their end yesterday for North America Cluster and has been resolved now. So, hopefully will work as schedule from today.

Ankit Jain