Schedule dataset to refresh at a different time than the dataflow

Below is my linage report. I have my Operational Reporting dashboard that uses both DataFlows and a SQL Server pull. We don’t have premium so i am using my personal gateway for the SQL Pull.

The Dataflows are set to refresh every hour from 9am to 4pm. The SQL data is very large and i only want it to refresh once a day. It also requires my personal gateway so i need to be online to refresh it.

Is there a way for me to schedule the report to consume the Dataflows every hour by the SQL report once a day?

Hi @chad.sharpe

I noticed you didn’t provide a PBIX file. Providing one will help users and experts find a solution to your inquiry faster and better.

A perfect initial question includes all of the following:

  • A clear explanation of the problem you are experiencing
  • A mockup of the results you want to achieve
  • Your current work-in-progress PBIX file
  • Your underlying data file (to allow us to go into Power Query if necessary to transform your data and/or data model – often DAX questions really end up being data modeling solutions)

Check out this thread on Tools and Techniques for Providing PBIX Files with Your Forum Questions

Hello @chad.sharpe ,

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We are waiting for your masked demo pbix file and other supporting links and details so other users can help you in your query.

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Thank you!

There is no need for a PBX as this isn’t a question someone needs to physically view the reports. It’s a process question, however I found the answer on the internet last week so i will close this ask out.