Saving and close a query

After finishing various data transformations in the module 1-3 of the Ultimate beginners guide to Power BI, I found it difficult to apply my query changes.

PowerBI training.pbix (15.8 KB)

Please I need help!

Thank you.

@GBGAnalyst When I opened up the .pbix file “Understanding Your customers Better” that I downloaded from the resources tab of this free training “Ultimate Beginners Guide” it opened up with out any issues.

I see in you screen shot that you changed the data source setting of the .xlsx file.

Is there a reason you did that?

Here is a screen shot of the Data source settings after I refreshed the .pbix file

@GBGAnalyst I have similar issue few days ago, I followed all procedures taking by Sam in Ultimate Beginners Guide to power BI" however on loading using close and apply that error kept coming, so what I discover is that, the merge population from California website to the query seem to be the problem, is either it contains blank or is data type is having some unknown to us issues. Moving forward, delete the population from all your data set and reload it will work.

Hi @joedias,

That is not the case. I followed everything from what Sam did in the video. I tried to save all the queries changes and I have the error.

I second this approach for a quick solution. I solved that challenge in a similar way after the same discovery as @davidcenna.

I meant that I second @davidcenna’s approach. See the screenshot that I have just sent for the error with the population table. You get this when you try to sort the population field in the opposite of the current order. Mine was sort descending.

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