Same order with different delivery status


Hi all,

I am trying to build a delivery report and I would like to count the # of orders delivered On Time/TooLate/Not Delivered.

My issue is that for a same Order ID I sometimes have different Delivery Status, when some items were not available for example.

See the example below :
In this case I would like to consider the order as part of the ‘‘Not Delivered’’ ones even if some items have been delivered “On Time”.

I am really struggling to find the best approach ? Or what DAX functions would be helpful ?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:



Hi, is there any way you can send a pbix file of your data so we can look into this further.



Hi Guy,

Here it is :
SalesStatus_Count.pbix (43.8 KB)

Many thanks !



I’m enclosing a revised PBIX file with my changes. The new measures I created are in the Key Measures table (a strong recommendation by Sam).

Hopefully this helps. I suggest you look into Variables on Sam’s EnterpriseDNA site and also on his YouTube channel - very good stuff.

SalesStatus_Count.pbix (43.8 KB)



Guy thank you very much for all your help ! This is exactly what I trying to do :grin:
I will check the videos as well.

Have a nice weekend !



Glad I could help. Enjoy the videos