Sales Pipeline Stages

I have attached sample data for the analysis. In the sample, there is a unique ID, sales opportunity name, Old value for pipeline stage, new value for pipeline stage, and how long it is in each stage of the pipeline funnel.

What I am trying to accomplish is to visually show the various opportunities moving through the sales pipeline funnel. For each period, I want to know how many opportunities moved out of each stage, how many opportunities moved into each stage. I also want to be able to see what specific opportunities moved in and out of each stage.

Let me know if there are any questions

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MarkPipeline Stage Data.xlsx (67.7 KB)

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Hello @msedlak.

In the description you say that there is a column with unique data, but according to the image below as you can see that column a does not have unique data.

In that order of idea I don’t know if you will consider the measures

  1. Opportunity = COUNT (‘Pipeline Stage Data’ [History Sort Key])
  2. Opportunity = DISTINCTCOUNT (‘Pipeline Stage Data’ [History Sort Key])

Anyway, I tried to bring these visualizations that I thought can help us in solving the problem at hand.

Finds download files
Pipeline Stage Data.xlsx (68.8 KB)
Pipeline Stage Data.pbix (150.8 KB)

Let me know if there are any questions

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Thank you for your help. After doing further research on EDNA, I realized there was a name for this type of analysis; Events in Progress. I was able to work through it using that logic. I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post. I do appreciate your time on this.

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