Sales Last year and cumulative Sales not working

I am re-working the demo of the customer analysis
I have pulled in my own data to play around and test a few things

But my last year sales not calculating and also cumulative last year and 2 years back
Not sure what could be wrong?
is it possible for you to have a look?

I emailed you my pbix file

here some graphs attached

Sales LY = 
	[Total Sales] , 

Could be your relationships between the Sales & Dates Tables. Check to make sure your relationship looks like this:


thank you for the reply. but its still doing the same?
Any other suggestions?

Looks like you are using same DAX calculation for Total Sales & Sales LY? Please paste your calculations for each so we can compare. Here is what each should look like.


Highly recommend going through this entire workshop, it explains all the calculations in a progressive way.