Sales after certain date on unrelated table

Hi everyone.

I’m looking to calculate the total number of sales dependant on when a stand was delivered (held in Nav_Item Ledger Entry table - Posting Date). The Stand No is the Item No field. If the stand was delivered on 01/01/2023, I only want to see Sales after that date (Posting Date in Nav_Sales History Master table). I thought I had it with the measure I created but further testing proved that it wasn’t working in the way I expected. Multiple stands can be delivered, but will always have their own Delivery date.

Please see attached .pbix with sample data in it and expected result. For the purposes of hopefully getting some guidance as to what route I can go down to solve this, I have focused on just one Sales area in the example, but there is additional data in there.
Enterprise DNA - Sales After Date.pbix (372.7 KB)

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