Running total with filters


I have a running sum measure, what I need is when my axis is filtered running sum should not recalculate to a 100% but instead show me running sum until that weight - only axis should be filtered and not the running sum.

In the attached file, on filtering any weights - the percentages should always be constant

weight 56 - 25.59%
weight 67 - 33.18%

Running volume =
SUM ( ‘Table’[Volume] ),
ALLSELECTED ( ‘Table’[Weight] ),
‘Table’[Weight] <= MAX ( ( ‘Table’[Weight] ) )

Running Total.pbix (22.2 KB)

Hi @satichun. I think a way forward is to get the values you’re looking for into a table first, then add them to your combo chart. Although not a solution, here’s a start that hopefully provides some insights. Greg
eDNA Forum - Running Total with Filters.pbix (23.8 KB)

Thank you Greg, tried a couple things and still could not get it to work.

@satichun This works for you? Running Total.pbix (22.7 KB)

Running volume Ant = 
VAR MaxSelectedWeight =
    MAX ( 'Table'[Weight] )
VAR Numerator =
    CALCULATE ( [Total Volume], 'Table'[Weight] <= MaxSelectedWeight )
VAR Denominator =
    CALCULATE ( [Total Volume], ALL ( 'Table' ) )
VAR Result =
    DIVIDE ( Numerator, Denominator )

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you @AntrikshSharma