Row Level Security Issues


I have a question on Row Level Security.

I created a Power BI report for our CEO showing him Sales & Profit data for years 2015 to present. On my first attempt to visualize the data everything worked as expected - the CEO can see all the data and the managers can see only their division. So it works fine.

I received new data that I imported into the data model and it is all fine and correct in the Desktop. The Row Level security works when I test the roles for the managers and the CEO.

When the CEO tries to view the data all the visuals are blank with a statement that they don’t have access to the report, although they do and it tests fine.

I’ve viewed all of Sam’s material on this subject and quite a few more from other Power BI Gurus out there and everything seems setup correctly.

Thoughts on where I went off?? Do I have to re-share the report??

I cannot share any pbix as the data is extremely sensitive.



I think you are on the right path. I would first try to re-share the report to see if that resolves the issue. I have had a similar issue and it worked for me. Good Luck!



Got this to work again for the “All Access” for the CEO.

I had to remove all Roles for the Division Managers and then remove all the access to everyone.

Once I re-shared the Report things worked fine.

Seems like MS may have an issue as this isn’t the way this should work.

Just putting this out there for any input anyone may have related to this issue.