Row Level Security and Direct Query


My company makes available AtScale cubes as a basis for enterprise reporting. We use the AtScale Cube connector in the Power BI Desktop with Direct Query since the cube does the necessary modeling and data is refreshed frequently.

We have a need to apply RLS against a couple of dimensions (ex. a product rollup to business units where we would assign users to a Business Unit = “Div1” role). Of course, the ‘Manage roles’ menu option under Modeling is not available in Power BI Desktop with the ‘Direct Query’ connection.

Is there an approach - documented online or on instructional video - where row level security in Power BI is available for the AtScale cube [or any] direct query?

I presume no PBIX file or additional documentation is necessary.


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I’m providing a link below of an article created by Microsoft on Row Level Security where’s it applicable and what are it’s limitations.

Please go through this article and you’ll understand why the RLS option is not available/activated in your report.

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