Rounding values in Dax vs. Excel

Hi everyone,

I am pulling my actual income and expenditure from Excel. Although immaterial, I see that there is some difference between the totals. The total value is around £12m and the difference between totals in the Pivot table and Power BI is something in the region of £100. When I check the details it shows that Dax is predominantly rounding rows up and as a result, I assume, I get the difference.

The question I have is whether, in theory, the calculation in Dax is in any shape or form different from that of Excel.


My guess here is that is would be to do with the decimal places. Maybe in excel it’s calculating to every decimal place, while in Power BI it’s only counting to 2 decimals.

I would also check the raw data between excel and Power BI. That’s where the decimal discrepancies could be.


Thank you. That was the issue. The data was rounded to whole number in the Query Editor and as such, the totals were obviously overstated.