RLS in organization hierachy(VERY URGENT)

So I Have 5 access levels(RM -> Desk->Team->Group->BU). I have the employee table doesn’t quite split the levels of each employee, then I have another table (transactions) table that splits the levels but the case is the RM doesn’t only report to one desk.

You Could have Employee A an RM with Employee Code 00890 and he reports to Desk 101275, 103475, 108375.

I tried generating a manager ID so i could create a path;

Error Message: A table of multiple values was supplied where a single value was expected

What I was trying to achieve is IF Group name is RM then give me corresponding Desk Code; when group name is Desk then give me corresponding Team_Code and so on. This is intended to build a path with.

I am quite new to DAX and on a timeline to deliver on this. Please I need urgent Help. I need a DAX Solution that works for this Scenario.

@Phaniey What is relationship between Access level table and employee table. An image of your model would be useful for further assistance.

How have you added the relationship to your Employee Table for the access levels? Is there a relationship between the RM_Hierarchy table and Employee table? Do you have some kind of child/parent relationship setup for this?

Hi @GarryA, thanks for the response.
The RM hierarchy is the Employee table its just the name given to it. I dont have a child/parent relationship setup that is what I was trying to achieve hence the effort.
The aim was to state the manager ID then write a DAX for the path(child/parent).

The relationship model:

@Phaniey the model you have doesn’t look right to me (Too many bi-directional relationships). Have a look at this model I spoke about in another post here..

How do the access levels and employee table interact?

You cant really setup Child-Parent relationships and the DAX until you sort out the model schema first and review the fact data structure.

You would need to post a sample model for more help…I think !