RLS giving fill access to users for different reports


I have an email group for Managers from different companies that I am setting up dashboards for. I have tied the managers to the reports that I create for just their companies. I only have one email security group irrespective of the companies they are in. When I test their permissions for their reports , I can see that they can only see what I have permitted them to see. Their users ID’s are tied to the company that they are working on.

However, since they have the same email group, when I share it with all of them, managers from other companies can view dashboards of different companies with no limitations which they should not be allowed to. Can somebody please tell me how somebody from Company A and view everything from the dashboard created for Company B? Isn’t it supposed to show restricted data instead?

Hi @supergallagher25

Please share pbix file with sample data.
Did you create any roles in Desktop ?

Here is the link to get some idea on RLS

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