Revert all visuals in a PBIX file to Default Format

Hello all,

Does anybody know how can I easily remove ALL visuals formatting in a PBIX file?
I’ve built a template out of a normal report but I would like to revert all visuals to default format/colors so I can apply a Custom Theme.

Thank you all in advance.


Hello @cristian.angyal,

Thank you for posting your query on to the Forum.

I’ve mentioned a link from the Microsoft Power BI Community where there was similar type of query asked in the community.

Hoping you find this helpful.

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[Removing user defined formatting from a PBIX File] - (

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Thank you @Harsh.

Found that one before asking here … but the “solution” there (at least in March 2019) was “there is no elegant way …”. :grinning:
I was hoping I can find an answer here though .