Revenue Distribution

In the following example, I have three tables. Contracts, Contract lines & Contract splits.

  • The Contract Lines contain each of the products & pricing, but also certain classes which are important because that’s how things are grouped
  • The Contract Splits are basically the contract lines grouped by contract & classes but a new price is set (override).

The aim is to have the distributed value of each based on the sum of

  • the share of class & contract
  • New price of each which is done over contract/class.

At this point I’m not able to connect those contracts & classes so I can make use of the calculated shares to apply on each “New Total Price”.

Sample Distribution.pbix (50.2 KB)

Nevermind, I just discovered Treat as & Generate + SelectColumns :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem. Would you mind posting your DAX solution anyway, so that others in the future with similar questions can benefit?


  • Brian