Reuse Modules in New PBIX files


Hi, First I must say this is the most informative website on Power BI I have seen. I just finished rewatching all the modules in the latest Learning Summit and learned a ton about how to create a fully integrated PBIX model. My question is, can the modules be imported into new PBIX files. In other words, if I want to use the numerous measure tables, can I import them into a new PBIX rather than having to recreate all the formulas everytime I create a new PBIX file?

Thanks again for an amazing resource, I have gotten so much value out of the the site I am very happy I became a member.



Hi Gene,

That’s great, thanks for the feedback. The summit went really well so glad you enjoyed the workshops.

Unfortunately you can not move in bulk anything from one model to another. This is due to the data being different in any model and follow that the data model.

You definitely can though copy and paste a lot of the formulas and basically re-use them. They are all very common patterns of analysis that can be used over and over again.

You just need to individually copy and paste the formula technique one by one. I personally do this all the time.