Retrieve items from YouTube, I do not know what would be the best practice to handle it

There is a project I am working on it, but I do not know what would be the best practice to handle it.
It is an educational-based project that depends on watching curriculum videos from different YouTube channels, then marking on the Excel cell that it is done.

  1. I will be given the URLs of the YouTube channels that are needed to be followed.
  2. I need to list the titles of all playlists that existed in each given channel.
  3. I need to retrieve the titles of videos included in each playlist.
  4. Finally, I need to know if the playlist gets any updated videos added to it, and this is a daily check).
    So, let’s take your YouTube channel as an example:
    This is the URL of the playlist section:
    So, how to list all playlists exist in that link?
    Then retrieve video titles in each playlist, and put each title in a separate row.
    Then get updates later on if playlist(s) is updated with a new video(s).
    The marking or ticking on the excel file after watching the video or the playlist will be manual.
    So far, I’ve tried to use parameters and tried text, and a list of values but did not work and got an error.
    Also tried the web URL but failed to get the contents.


    This keeps going forever!
    Note: I did not attach any files yet because do not know the starting point yet.

Hi Mohamed,
using parameters might make sense if you have access to the data from different YouTube webpages.
But I assume you can not access the data from any of the YouTube channels with Power Query.
When you are entering one link you have the following options to select from (s. below):
Table 1, HTML Code, Displayed Text and Add Table Using Examples
=> None of these options includes e.g. the playlist names.


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Thanks, @Matthias for your reply.
What would you suggest doing as a workaround?
Thanks, my friend.

@MGB See if this helps:

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This is sound promising but I am afraid that I do not know Python, my friend.

Hello @MGB,

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