Resume - Power Bi

Has anyone created a Power Bi “style” resume? The one attached was done in Tableau (as an example)

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That could be very effective if looking for a Power BI position.

Very nice


Exactly - I am trying to help out a friend who is currently being furloughed in the United States for a few months because of Covid-19


Does your friend have strong Power BI development skills? If so, I may be able to help hook them up with some temporary work during the furlough period. Let me know if it’s okay to email you, and we can discuss further.

  • Brian
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@BrianJ - He is not a Power BI person I figured I would put a “pet” project that I have been meaning to do together with trying to help a friend. Appreciate the assistance

When it comes to visualisations, Tableau is more developed than power BI. Hence, power BI is more developed when it comes to data modelling and transportations. But maybe it’s possible to do these things with power BI as well, but I think when it comes to resume, designs…u better use the Adobe Family (especially Adobe illustrator).

@Hassan is bang on about Tableau, which is known for its data visualization.

Still there are few ones in Linkedin for inspiration (PowerBI).

@Mohammed_ali Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Thank you all for your assistance!