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Hello sir,

Quick question. I am going through the DAX portion of the modules and I noticed the data I imported via the “Power BI Workshop Data” Excel file is different than what I am able to via in Power BI.

Example, you have a Date table in the data model. I am not able to see that. I am thinking perhaps

  1. I downloaded the incorrect workbook
  2. You will teach how to create the Date table in another lesson?

Can you please help me out. Thank you!


There is no date table in the excel files.

I always create a date table using this method in the query editor.

Check out this video

You can find the code here



Here’s is another detailed video on date table within the Power BI Workshop course


Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Quick question - is it correct to say that the date parameters would need to match the dates in the data model, correct?

So if I have data for year 2001 - 2005, I should set the parameters to 1/12001 - 12/31/2015.

Thanks again


Yes, but you may also want to project forward a bit if for example more data is added to the fact table. But depends on the situation