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Hey! I’ve created a PowerBI Report from an API call and created a function to paginate the results. Because of the dynamic url, it won’t allow it to automatically refresh in the PowerBI Service. I’ve tried to format the Relative Path function properly to allow the automatic refresh, but can’t seem to get it to work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am no expert at this, but in one of the URLS it had start and end after a “?” the question mark would be the relative path in the record of web.content and then in the “query” field of the record another record with start and end and the values would be placed.

From what I understand that is how a relative path is used in web.contents, I dont know if that is the problems, or if it will help, hopefully others with more experience can chime in :slight_smile:

Edit: The “?” isnt the relative path its what is before the “?” sorry it didnt sound right when I read it back so Search? the relative path is Search.

The below is text from the microsoft learn site:

        RelativePath = "search",
        Query = [q = searchText]

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