Reset course progress

Beginners Guide to Power BI progress was stuck at 89% after completion of the course,
Was told by ‘Help’ to click ‘reset progress’ on the course info tab.

reset button isn’t working

I have reset my cache, refreshed/close & re-opened my browser, and tried again multiple times to no avail.

@vandykebiz - welcome to the Forum

Did you pass - click on Finish on every single step - include - Course overview, Course index , Resource up to the etc.

For example my printscreen of Ulitmate Guide to DAX looks like

First - it took me some time when I started with the course to click finish each piece of course (even just text / resource one)

When some part are not playing I usually use following steps described at:

If you need further assistance - could you please share printscreen as well ?

Good luck.