Report width and length

Does anyone know how the authors of this report make the report text so large and yet the page so long? Especially page 2. Whenever I make the page long, the fonts look tiny.

This Power BI file is very much like a web page, but it is not. Is there a trick to creating a page formatted this large (large fonts, long and wide page).

Any ideas?

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It looks to me like they set a custom page size:


  • Brian

Yes you can, but when I do it the screen size shrinks. Maybe that is just in Power Bi Desktop that it shrinks it to full screen view (no vertical scroll), and once you publish it looks better. Some testing required! Thanks Brian, you got my cogs turning and I identified a potential reason/solution.

Does the View\Page view\Fit to width help?

Oh My. @BrianJ and @Greg !!! You guys are amazing.
How did I not know (and I reckon many others do not know as well) that you could do this!
So many reports confined to 16 x 9 single screen no scrolling layout, when the options are almost limitless. Fit to width is a god send. I didn’t realise how it interacted with the optional length.

For others to view, and to demonstrate the various options and flexibility I now have with my reports, see this demo file I have published.

It shows the various template sizes, and I made some custom ones to show the capability.
One was even 900 pixels x 5000 pixels just for fun.

I am so happy I am not confined by the presets and no scrolling now. The options for reasonable size page reports / app like interfaces with a little scrolling are now endless.

So much appreciation. I hope you perhaps learn something from the options as well.

Check out the 7 different pages / views here:


@jgriffit, @greg - Great team effort all around here. @jgriffit - love the report you created. I’m bookmarking that for future reference, since I’ve never seen that direct comparison of the different page size options. Thanks for sharing that, particularly publishing it to web so that we can see what the different options look like in the Service.

– Brian

P.S.did the solution I posted for “Compare most recent June to previous June” get you what you needed on that one?


Yes it did Brian, it was perfect, I am just working through it now.
My reply was coming after I fully understood it. I just had to review what ALLSELECTED did, as I had forgotten, and then open up the pbix to see what [Harvest Month] was.

here is the pbix @BrianJ. I can’t promise the published file will be there all the time.
When you view the pbix as page width, it is essentially the same as a browser view.

File size 8MB.


Hi @jgriffit, please don’t forget if your question has been answered within the forum it is important to mark your thread as ‘solved’.

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