Report Snapshot/Freeze Data Scenario


Does anyone have work around to take monthly or bi weekly reports snapshot of PowerBI Report which is based off SQL Server On Prem Direct Query mode. User wants to lockdown the last period data and publish it to broader group. There is one APP which is already live that is available to all users and power user wants to take a copy on last date of last period and be able to lockdown/freeze the data within report. Please advise how best to approach this

My Approach: I have suggested to convert to Import Mode and publish to dev workspace and then copy this report over to desired prod workspace so they will not have option to refresh on dataset. Warned the user not to click on Dataset refresh. Is there a way to disable the Dataset refresh completely ?

Thanks in Advance

Archer Jayden

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Interesting scenario. Not something I’ve had to deal with at all myself.

Maybe someone else in the community has some good ideas to share on this


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Hey @sam.mckay, I deal with such requests on daily basis and we are fully operational in DQ mode. I have approached this with User training on converting DQ to Import and advised not to touch refresh like ever if they want to see stagnant data

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Hi @Archer

There is no option to disable refresh completely in Power BI. I also like the option you have shared. Other option could be to

  1. Take Snapshot of data and copy them in an Excel file or similar source. Change connection in Power BI from SQL to Excel (should be easy), Publish the report and don’t setup the Excel as part of Gateway sources. This way, even Power User won’t be able to do refresh.
  2. Make a seperate PBIX file for each required date and in Advanced Editor disable (Include in Refresh) for all the queries.

Each option will have it’s own share of Disadvantages.

Ankit J


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Quite innovative options from you , Thank you !