Report Shared to external email address and client unable to open


I am attempting to share a report with an external client.

I have:

  1. Ensured the client has access to Power BI Pro (I do as well)I
  2. Given the client access to the workspace as a “member” and checked under “Access” that they have access
  3. Shared report with client
    a. (Clicked shared next to report and typed external email address)
  4. Client received email inviting them to view the report
  5. Client clicks report and Screen stays on “Loading” and never updates.

Is anyone aware of why they are unable to view and it continues to say loading. This was checked a few times throughout day and does not appear to be an internet issue


Do you have the “Share Content with External Users” option set in your Admin Portal?

Thanks Heather

I have attached a screen shot showing this is enabled. I wondered if it was potentially one of the “Apply” to settings but it does not seem relevant.

Any other ideas? It seems strange that they have received the email saying you have a report to view and yet cant view it. I would have thought that if they received the email there should be no issues with anything require enabling.

I did ask the client to close all indow sessions and try again which they said they did but i did not verify (I hate Macs) but it happened multiply times throughout day

Do you think this could be the problem?


No, I do not think the Edit/Manage content is the issue - I suspect it is the Mac which might be the issue.

The keyword here is “Microsoft” Power BI - and Microsoft does not always play well with Macs.
However, the PowerBI service is only a website, so they should still be able to view the report as long as they have the proper access.

Have you considered trying to share the report as an App instead of simply sharing via the workspace. In that case, you won’t need to give them member access to the workspace, just to the App.

The other thing you could try is to change the access you have granted them, just to see if that makes any difference.

In my environment, I’m not actually sharing with external users, we have simply provided the outside users with accounts within our domain (which we pay for). So I’m just working based on what I see on the documentation site.

Any feedback is appreciated Heather and the rest of the community is quiet so they must be stumped on this. Have to admit i have not used template apps before and as time is of the essence had not looked into using this. From your experience would this offer the required security?

I honestly don’t know - but I have learned from experience with my own users that Apps offer a lot of advantages over workspaces, so that was more of a general use case suggestion.

Check out this video from Guy in a Cube - seems that you may need to give them access through Azure (or at least they did back in early 2019)

Thanks Heather. Its been a while since i watched a guy in cube video. Im also going to watch their ones on workspaces and see if anything jumps out. TBH honest whilst im massively grateful for the suggestion of an app it appears that you need to access via link which the client has already shown disdain for (i personally think it is a great workaround and anyone that uses a Mac deserves what they get).

If its ok with you i will leave the topic open overnight but if no replies give a tasty thumbs up/complete tomorrow. Thank you for your time.

That is just fine - hopefully someone else will be able to come in with a better suggestion.

As for using the App, I believe that is also mentioned in the video I shared, but there are more comprehensive videos out there (including from Guy in the Cube). My users don’t actually need a link to access the App - but that is likely because they are part of my domain.

Thanks again Heather - Sometimes the strongest skillset re BI implementation is managing the clients expectations. A current client is expecting turnaround on dashboards within 2-3 hours. For anything with multiple measures and unrefined datasets i personally do not think this is realistic but always interested to know others thoughts. This app issue alone has taken me multiple hours today and in theory is a 2 sec job. Back to my glass of wine :wink:

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Managing expectations is always a challenge - I have finally convinced our management team that while asking for new things in a PowerBi report is always welcome, depending on what they are asking for it may take time to develop.

In my environment, I’m the closest thing we have to an expert on the database, and I’ve never received any formal training or documentation on what can be found in which tables. So a fair bit of trial & error in finding a good source table to then further develop on in PowerBi. At long last, they have accepted that this is programming, not just putting up pretty graphics.

Of course, it helps that I am one of two PowerBi developers in the company, and the other developer has the same challenges from a different datasource. We are both telling them the same thing, just in slightly different ways.

Thank you. It is strangely reassuring to hear others go through the same pain.

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that’s what forums like this are great for