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Hello Everyone :smiley: , I am a newbie in this space, and I am currently using the Financial Reporting W/ Power BI module to practice. I split a column to achieve one of DAX codes used in the video. However, the new column generates null values. I want to rename these values individually to conform to a table in the report without making adjustments to the data source(excel file). How can I achieve this, or is there any course I can watch to help ?

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Hi @Naate,

Based on your description

My guess is you’ll have to create some conditional logic, perhaps with the use of a conditional column to produce an alternative value.

But for the best possible response please provide a practical example/scenario of the data you have and what you are trying to achieve (supply an excel).

I hope this is helpful

Thanks for the swift response @Melissa

The new column is the Product Category(highlight) with the null values. For example, I want to replace the null values associated with Do not use in the the Product/Service with “Do not use” or any other name.


Do you want to replace all nulls with the same string?
If so, you can use “Replace Values” on the Transform tab with that column selected

I am replacing the null values with different string. Is this possible using the Query Editor or I have to add a calculated column to the table using conditional column as mentioned.

Yep, you’ll have to use conditions and swap out that column. You can do that inside the Query Editor as well. But like I said if you need assistance with that, provide a sample members can work with…

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Hello @Naate, just following up if the response above help you solve your inquiry?

If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark as solution the answer that solved your query.

@EnterpriseDNA, thanks for the mention.

I solved the problem with M-code in the query editor.

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