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I want to replace all the cells that contain “null” to “unspecified” in my table. I followed an instructional video in creating a new column in query editor and replace “null” with “unspecified”, but the new column still has “null”. I used the query below:

if 'Incidents' [Province] = null then "Unspecified" else 'Incidents' [Province]

I don’t know what I’m missing here. Can anyone help?


Oddly I could reproduce similar behaviour. It turned out that if, in my source data, the field is blank instead of showing null, I can replace as expected. I tried several other options, but it would seem that null as such is not the same as null in the query editor.



Have a go using the technique below

You can try either one of the following:

  1. Create a new calculated column using DAX:

Column = if ( isblank( 'Incidents' [Province]), "Unspecifed" , 'Incidents' [Province])

  1. In Power Query, you can use:

= Table.TransformColumns(Source, {"Province", each if _ is null then "unspecified" else _})

  1. Use the “Replace Values” option in the Query Editor.

See if this helps you at all


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