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Reordering Column Problem

Dear Experts

I made a reordering for the columns based on business standard for my organization , I made it successfully in Power bi through query editor , Then when I go to DAX studio to write it as (csv) format I found it Alphabetically ( I understand this is natural) , after writing the file through Dax Studio when I open the file I find the column ordering not as the one I made it in power bi query editor. The size of the file is big (3 GB) cannot be opened in excel to reordering it , I attached the MDAX file sample of the columns as I want it , Can any one guide me how to solve this problem?
Reorder Tables.txt (1.5 KB)

@MAAbdullah47 Tables inside PBI are not stored in the same order as you specify in Power Query, once Power Query is done with the operation Analysis Services has to sort the data in optimal way, so your sort order is also consider but most of the time the Engine finds a better sort order. Power Query’s sort order is only useful if you are loading directly to Excel table, otherwise you are only going to slow down the performance unless you know the best sort order.

To get the data out in Custom order in DAX Studio use

    Table[Column1] ASC, 
    Table[Column2] DESC, 
    Table[Column3] ASC

Thank you @AntrikshSharma I’ll check and get back to you (DAX studio) , but I have question :
I did reordering in query editor base on my custom recording do you means this is not optimal and will impact performance negatively ? if yes how I return it back to the default re-ordering?

Bumping this post for more visibility.

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@MAAbdullah47 You simply don’t sort the data in PQ that’s how it is the default order.