Removing Scroll Bars

I am trying to create a simple bar chart that contains daily sales for the last 90 days that does not have scroll bars and does not include dates that have no values.

When I create the bar chart using a categorical type on the x-axis, it creates scroll bars that I can not figure out how to remove.

When I create the bar chart using a continuous type on the x-axis, it eliminates the scroll bar like I want but leaves blank spaces for all dates that have zero revenue. I can not figure out how to remove those spaces.

Any ideas how to create this bar chart that contains all 90 days on one chart and does not show dates where there is no revenue?

I attached a very simple pbix file that shows both of the scenarios above.

GraphIssue.pbix (22.7 KB)


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Hi @FrankPowerBI - I have tried many options and gone through documents online. It seems it is not possible to achieve what you are trying as both options have limitations as you mentioned in your post.

Ankit J

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