Removing Calculation Group Slicer selection in measure

I have implemented in my Dataset a calculation group in order to switch on the entire report page between End of Year (EOY) and YTD values.

In order to do so I’m filtering the date table d Tbl Calendar as follows:
Calculation Item

EOY = Selectedmeasure()

‘d Tbl Calendar’[DayYTD] = “YTD”,
‘d Tbl Calendar’[MonthYTD] = “YTD”

The following measure should select the No of Transactions of the Year with the highest value.
Therefore I have summarized in a table the transactions by year.

VAR _temptable = SUMMARIZE(
‘d Tbl Calendar’,
‘d Tbl Calendar’[Year],
[Total No of Transactions]
The second variable should give me the MAX of @NoOfTransaction from temporary table _temptable
regardless whether my Slicer selection is EOY or YTD, filtering the date table.

VAR _YTD_Max = Calculate(

I need help to understand how I can remove the filter from the calculation group and items EOY and YTD.

Thanks a lot in advance.