Remove filters from filter pane from a measure

Hi All,
I have a model where filters have been set in the page filter pane.
To fulfill new requests I need to create a tooltip on visuals that ignore these filters set both a page level and all page levels.
I found the solution in other posts but for some reason, it doesn’t work in my case.
As a test case, I’d like to see in the tooltip all products.
Is that possible?


remove_page_filters.pbix (29.1 KB)

@Roberto, I’m not sure if I understand your question, but if the desired result is to not pass the filter from your visual on Page 1 to the tooltip visual, you can ignore the filters in the tooltip page:

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Hi @HufferD
thanks for your kind answer. I’ve never used that option even if I have worked with PBI for many years :frowning:

You gave more than a solution, you gave me knowledge! :books:
I just had to tweak a little the tooltip menu



I’m uploading the pbix for any future reference
remove_page_filters.pbix (29.3 KB)

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