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Registration Information for Power BI Accelerator Week #3 Live Solution Event


We hope you’re enjoying the Week #3 exercise for Power BI Accelerator. It’s definitely a bit more challenging than the first two, but we think the payoff is immense, because the concepts it addresses are the foundation of all DAX measures beyond just the basic aggregation measures we covered in Week #1.

@sam.mckay and I are excited about the solution event for week #3, and are preparing both a detailed lesson on the key concepts, as well as a specific walkthrough of the solutions to each of the four sub-problems that make up the Week #3 exercise.

Here’s the info for the session next Wed/Thurs 8/11 or 8/12 depending on your timezone:

To register, just click this link. Hope to see you there, but as always if you can’t make it we will record and post the session right after we conclude.

Thanks for your participation!

  • Brian

Hi @BrianJ ,

I registered for the session but i haven’t received an email message to confirm that I have registered for it.

Maybe there is stepped missed?


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Same issue here @BrianJ

I registered but not confirmation.


@Keith /@GuyJohnson ,

Let me check back with @EnterpriseDNA Team to make sure you’re registered and see why you haven’t yet received confirmation. It’s already the weekend there, so I may not hear back til Sunday night, but will let you know as soon as I do.

Thanks for letting me know.

  • Brian

thanks @BrianJ

@Keith and @GuyJohnson ,

I just confirmed with the team that you are both registered for the solution event on Wednesday. They are working to sort out why the system sent some registrants a confirmation but not others. Will let you know as soon as I hear more.

– Brian

Will we receive the link to the meeting?
thanks for the update @BrianJ :slight_smile:

@BrianJ Thanx for looking into this. I did get the confirmation. This seems to happen to my account about 50% of the time. Go figure.


@BrianJ ,
Received my confirmation last night.

thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

To everyone who registered for the PBI Accelerator #3 Live Event – you should be receiving a 24-hour advance notice email with the links for tomorrow’s session sometime around 5pm ET tonight.

  • Brian