Regarding Showcase files download

Hi team,

I’m encountering difficulties downloading the showcase Power BI file from the resource center. Whenever I click on the download link, instead of initiating the download, I receive a message congratulating me on earning 40 XP. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? I have attached the screenshot for your reference. Fyi, I got Monthly EDNA Learn Subscription

Hi @sindhu-veluguleti,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the issue you’re experiencing with downloading the Cohort Analysis file from the resource center.

After checking the problem on our end, we’ve successfully replicated the issue as described. However, it appears that the download button is functioning correctly for us once the file is saved in “My Collections.” Both the “Download” and “Use Online Demo” options are operational.

To address this issue, we suggest trying to log in to EDNA Learn using a fresh browser where no cache or history is saved. Alternatively, you can try using a new incognito window to log in to EDNA Learn and access the Resource Center.

We hope to resolve the issue you’re encountering. We’re here to help.

Best regards,

Enterprise DNA Support Team


Thanks for replying, Online demo is working earlier as well but i cant download the file tried everything including clearing cache and trying from incognito i

have attached the file for your reference.


Hi @sindhu-veluguleti,

We have further investigated and replicated the issue after updating your EDNA Learn profile. We reset your password, and we were able to successfully download the resource using your login. We have sent you an email with a video recording and your new password.

Please try again after resetting your password and let us know if it worked.

Thank you.

Enterprise DNA Support