Refresh Published Report and Dataset

Please correct me if my understand is wrong:

A report whose data source (Azure SQL) I don’t have access to was published.

  1. Me or anybody can refresh the report online, however the report will not be refreshed until the published data set is refreshed, correct?
  2. But you need credentials to that data source first in order to manually refresh the published data set, correct?

For manual refresh, it has to be somebody with credentials to refresh it? I read the Microsoft help doc, shouldn’t it be automatic refresh for Azure SQL? I’m not understand this “Automatic” word. How frequent is this auto refresh?

See attached: It was published by somebody else and he has the control over configuration. All the “Gateway”,“Credentials”,“Schedule Refresh”,“Parameters” are greyed out.

I believe you should be able to refresh this yourself, but it can depend on how to model is setup.

It is direct query or manual refresh? That would make a difference…

Maybe there is some security setting that are on that you’re not aware off that don’t allow this. A lot of the answer here could be very business specific.

You should be able to refresh at any time really, but if you want the most up to date data then you’ll certainly have to wait until the raw data is updated.

Generally with Azure SQL databases also you don’t actually need a Gateway setup. This is mainly for when Power BI online needs to reach back into an on premise database, while Azure databases are already in the cloud so this procedure isn’t needed.

Hopefully I’m correct on these. I’m certainly not a real expert on the database side of things, but this is what I know right now on this topic.