Recommendations for migrating dataset over to dataflows with a new Data Warehouse?

Hey all, my team is wanting me to migrate some really large datasets in order to start utilizing a brand new data warehouse that a consulting firm has built for us.

We were using an older “data warehouse” which actually wasn’t really a data warehouse, and where the data team was building out these views in order for us to pull into our datasets to build reports off of.

So now we have this new data warehouse and I’m trying to figure out my next steps going forward.
I have the older report combined with the dataset which I’m comparing to a new pbix file which has pulled in some of the data warehouse entities along with their relationships. Obviously, I can’t just copy paste the visuals from the old report and paste it in the new one because the table structures are much different. I’m very new to this type of work so I’m not exactly sure how I should be approaching this. Any advice or recommended readings/videos would be appreciated.

Dataflows is something I’m fairly new at, but managed to make one for a previous report and migrated everything to pull off of that dataflow instead of a single dataset. I was blow away by the benefits this could have for our team. However, with this new data warehouse, I’m trying to think of a way to utilize both the warehouse and dataflows. Again, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Everett - Don’t think there is an automated way possible for your scenario considering Table structure is different.

If you are using same visuals in the new report, then you can consider copying visuals from the old one and point to the tables/columns from the new Data warehouse otherwise only solution I can think of is to create new dashboard using Data warehouse.

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