RANKX is not working


Hi Sam
not sure where I am going wrong.
I have tried RANKX both ways

1st way

2nd way




Can you let me know what you are looking to achieve? Are you just looking to show the top 10 products only by rank?

It the Product Name column definitely in the table?

The first way looks correct to me so I’m only thinking it is something to do with the context in the table.

This is the technique here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgN5lwRUaqc

Which looks like what you’ve used in the 1st example.

Maybe just check what’s happening to the RANKX results individually when you place it into the table.

This will tell you quite quickly if this is the part for the formula which is playing up…which I suspect it is.


Hi Sam
Apologis for being a pain this is really confusing and cannot get my head around this RANKX and TopN.
And its really annoying me because I am not sure if what I am doing is right or wrong.
This is what I am not understanding - the context. If I want to only see a top 10 of products. (let keep it simple for now)

Not sure why I am not putting in the full column name as well. Above functions only shows the tables name. and not column name. So when I write my RANKX I should only see products rank from Product 26 and Product 3. As this is within the top 10.

But when I write the RANKX functions, all columns are populated,

This is the part that is really confusing me. How comes it is showing me all values. Surely if in my function I have put <=10, it should only populate top 10.

So Sam. To confirm whenever I am writing my function based on RANKX or Top N.
The end output I want is similar to the below. So if I ever have any other tables or different column names the Top 10 correctly is being shown, or is automatically being filtered… if this makes sense.
Apolgosie - just trying to nail this so i understand well.


ahh I think I have finally figured it out!

Will practice more until I get the hang of it
I guess I always like a structure/logical process to work with.
So basically When I create the dynamic RANKX/TopN process I will use going forwards is

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

and this will automatically/dynamically updates the table based on whatever fields I have in the table.


That’s great, nice work.

I certainly found just using these two formulas a few times in different contexts, it certainly makes things clearer quite fast.