RANK /RANKX DAX not working for different context

Hi All,
I am having a strange scenario ,which is the case is very straight forward,but i cannot figure out why the results are not populating as expected.


I am going Rank below visual 1st column based on (total AR amount).So i got the rank correctly(i used new rank DAX function,tried out rankx and topn also).

Issue is when drag and drop other dimension fields to this table/matrix visual (RANK_TT measure(2 nd column) it does not populating,It is spinning long time and i am getting an error as "memory not not available for this operation)

RANK_TT measure is this

Table visual

Total AR amount measure is just a simple sum explicit aggregation .

This is my data model and marked table is the above related one.

Error screen.

I just dragged customer code from top20customer dim(same dimension where parent id reporting column lies) .Visual is spinnnig and generation “out of memory”

Is there any issue with the rank dax i have written or what would be the issue here.
What i am trying to achieve finally is overall ranking on parent customer based on total amount ,whatever the context in visual changes.

Thanks in advance

HI @ileuschke

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Please provide a sample power bi file. It could be your model itself that causing the issue.


Thanks.I removed the tag.

please add to origional posting

Done.attached to original post.

Hi All,i think i figured out the issue,
This might be an issue with native table visual issue,when i select matrix visual figures appear correctly.
Thanks all