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RangeEnd - Incremental refresh

Hi All,

Hoping this is an easy fix. I have a rangestart and rangeend set up for my incremental refresh to work. I also have a simple query list.max(Sales Info[LoadDate]) query to influence my date table. I want this max load date to be my ‘current date’ in my date table as all of my offset m codes are based on my ‘current date’.

The problem I need to figure out is how to have a dynamic RangeEnd? The original RangeEnd parameter I had was 23/08/2021, which once I loaded to the Service becomes void and data comes through as normal. However, as my offsets are based on the “current date” which is 23/08/2021 (RangeEnd parameter) my offsets are not updating. I cannot convert my RangeEnd parameter to = my Lade Date query as this forms a cyclic error.

Anyone have any thoughts?
EnterpriseDNAquery1309.pbix (2.7 MB)


Have you checked this video let me know if this help you .


Hi Anurag,

This can’t help me. I need help with the parameters not detecting data changes. I also only have one date/time column so cannot use detect data change.


Can you provide me the source file so i can setup incremental refresh .
I think incremental refresh is not setup properly because it should automatically pick the latest .
And on refresh fire it the query using those parameter.

You can check below video:

If it does not help you pls let me know and share your source excel so i will try to help you.


Hi Anurag,

Sorry but I cannot provide the source file as there is too much sensitive data. I attached a mock file to my original file, can you use that to check?

Hi @Nurry90, providing a masked PBIX file will help users and experts find a solution to your inquiry faster and better.

Here are some videos that may help you masking sensitive data and create datasets and data models representative of your problem:

Hi @Anurag,

Can you work with the data I originally provided? This is pretty much the exact same as the original file, only not as large. The way I have incremental refresh set up on this file is the same as I have on the original.