"Radio Presets" for Date Slider -- is this possible?


I’ve been wracking my brain on this one for a while, and am thinking it may not be possible but hoping some of you clever folks can prove me wrong.

I’m building a report that analyzes disaster preparedness exercises, and have a date slider that allows the user to filter the exercises by any time range within the fact table. However, I would like to have a series of “radio preset” buttons below the slider that allow the user to quickly switch the date range to common ranges for milestone reporting purposes - basically a reverse date harvest (see screenshot below).


A couple of things I’ve already considered and rejected:
a) using a hierarchy slicer rather than a slider - this would let me get easily to these standard date ranges, but some of the users will want the full slider range available for quick sensitivity analysis
b) having users enter the ranges in the filter pane - not going to work well for my use case

I’ve attached a PBIX file with the extended date table, the slicer structure and a disconnected table of the preset options, along with some basic date harvest measures to try to make it easy for you to play with possible solutions.

Thanks in advance for your help - much appreciated.

Hi @BrianJ,

I was thinking about a solution using bookmarks and I have made a little test in the PBIX-file. Hope this is helpful.

Test Radio Presets for Date Slicer.pbix (907.4 KB)

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Wow – that’s just beautiful in its simplicity. It’s funny how you can sometimes get locked into a particular way of thinking, and just keep charging harder and faster down that wrong road. I’m not even going to mention how much DAX I tried throwing at this problem, when your solution was totally DAX-free.

Thanks so much for the quick response and creative solution. :+1:

  • Brian
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Here is what I use for something similar using M Code. Here is link to my post with all the info.

If you open my PBIX that I shared on the 1st challenge post here in the forum, you can see how I set it up. I use this in most of my models. Many clients don’t want bothered with having to manually change the date range.


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Wow – thanks for the detailed response and great solution. I really like the look and operation of this approach. Been working through the Chris Webb blog post you referenced, and between that and your example file I definitely now understand the set up. Fair amount of upfront work, but as you mentioned it’s a very reusable solution.

Great stuff – thanks again.

  • Brian


Glad to hear it’s useful.