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Quick Measures, Power Sort and Metadata Mechanic Pro installation

When I downloaded the new external tools installer available from the file was not installable on my windows 10 PC.
I had to change the file extension to an msi file so I could install it.
After doing that it did install correctly!


Thank you for sharing this @darandavis! :slight_smile:

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@EnterpriseDNA Is there another level of membership that accesses the external tool? In my attempts to log in and download the tool, I am redirected to

Thanks for your help.

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Once you are at the link you posted, click on the Resources button you will see a section for External Power Tools, you will find the download there.


Hello @Naate hope the answer from @DavieJoe helped your query.

Here is the direct link for the External Power Tools for your convenience.

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I was more posting this to help others so what I posted was a workaround to the problem which does work. To me the solution is to fix the download so it is an msi type file so it will directly install on a windows machine. It is possible the file type is wrong on the edna platform or the teachable platform is changing the file type when it is downloaded.
@DavieJoe post was for @Naate question about finding the download.


Hey @darandavis it was for @Naate, I mean to tag him but my fingers & brain went on strike!

Sorry about the confusion @darandavis, the response I sent was also for @Naate :sweat_smile:

Anyways, closing this thread now. Again, thank you for this solution :slight_smile:

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