Questions about Power BI Usage Metrics Report

Hello Power BI experts!

I am working on developing a “Power BI usage metrics report” that will present information on what reports are being viewed over time, as well as usage metrics at the user level.

I am using Power BI’s “Report Usage Metrics Model” dataset for this report. I had a few questions and would be grateful if I can get some insights on this. My questions are as follows:

1.) Currently the data for this Power BI dataset goes back only 90 days. Is it possible to to get data further back than just 90 days, for example from a year ago?

2.) Is there a way to use Power Query or manipulate this date? One of the tables has columns “FamilyName” and “GivenName”, and I would love to have a new column that’s a concatenation of those two columns.

3.) Is there a way to get usage metrics information at the report page level?

4.) Is it possible to set a live connection to SQL Server so that we are able to archive or build historical data off this?

Thank you very much for your insights and assistance!

Please go and vote on this idea to retain data more than 90 days

You can also refer this website on a very useful video from RADACAD where you can use powershell to export audit log data in the power bi report using a csv file to build custom report.

Hope this helps…

thank you .

Hi @GrapeApe561

Yes you can concatenate 2 columns either by adding a new column and using the function “concatenate” or you can make both the columns as text and add a custom column in query editor and there select [FamilyName] ’ ’ [GivenName] and you would get your result.

Hi @GrapeApe561

Please refer to the below link.

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