Question working in Power BI Service

Hi All,

I have been stuck with some issues for months and Microsoft team basically have NO compelling solution for the issues. I wondered who else out here experienced the similar cases and what was the walk around solution I could use.
1- I design dataflows in Power BI service, and I experienced that the dataflow was lagged with stale data. If I work in single workspace, everything is totally fine. If I merge two or more tables from different workspace, data starts to be “sticking up” after several days and my report ended up missing chunk of the joint data enriched from other dataflows of other workspaces. This happened very often until I turned on Enhanced Compute Engine to ON, not Optimized.

Dataflow with Stale data - Microsoft Fabric Community

2- This morning I got into an error
The credentials provided for the PowerBI source are invalid. (Source at PowerBI.)
I stagged two tables from same dataflow, then refering both to the next downstream, but then one of them authenticated and preview data loaded but the other one does not. The dataflow which was working well for months suddenly has this issue that prevent me from my work of modification and maintenance the dataflow logic.
The credentials provided for the PowerBI source ar… - Microsoft Fabric Community

You might have to contact Microsoft customer service directly to ask that question. I believe the Microsoft Community is the same as any forum that there is volunteers/mvp offers solutions.

You might have to create an incident report.



Hi Keith,

Thanks for your advise. I did summon MS support team since the error found but their finding point to fruitless solution. That’s why I felt odd and a bit lonely to deal with this alone since last December 2022; then I wondered anyone this strong community here experienced the similar situation of stale data.