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I am having trouble trying to gather my thoughts on how to restructure this survey and any suggestion would be helpful.

I have a sheet of questions like below,


And, I am trying to visualize it in a way so that I can make it seem like sort of the visual below.

Is there a way to manipulate the data in such order? Any tips or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

@supergallagher25 ,

Sorry - as @Greg says “the penny is not dropping for me” on this one yet. I can’t figure out how you got from the matrix above to the bar chart. Which is Q2? Are the blanks "no"s? And if so, how far down? If you can just provide a bit more info on how to interpret the data above, I’m sure we can get to a solution on this. Sample data would also be helpful.


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Hello @supergallagher25 ,

Can you please be more elaborate with your request:

I would like if you can fill the question table with the NO as you have already filled YES in some cases or is it assumed that every black column means NO.

Because in the Visual you share I can see Yes and No under Question 1



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