Querying the web and keeping historical track

Hi Sam, hi all of you Power BI afficionados, my need is pretty common, but surprisingly I couldn’t find any way to do it, nor any answer on the web …
Here’s the context : on the Rugby World Cup home page (https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/) are 4 tables, presenting pools A to D, with the daily ranking for each team (matches played, points earned, etc.).
My aim is to build a PBI report showing the overall evolution (from day 1 to the final … well not day 1 anymore, but you get the idea …).
The web query itself is pretty straightforward, but the problem is the page shows daily figures, and there is no historical table at all. So when I refresh my report, I only see the current day situation.
Of course, this issue is very common when querying the web. But I’ve looked around quite a lot, and found nothing to solve it. Nor did I on the forum (it’s not a matter of incremental refresh). The BIaccountant fellow suggests an R script, but this was 3 or 4 years ago, things must have changed since then … (+ I’m not familiar with using R in PBI, so I’d need some advice).
The question I’m asking you all is : what solution can you suggest, and moreover, what automated solution (as much as possible) ?
Thanks for your joint efforts !
Cheerio, Andre

Why not use another site that provides more details? I just had a quick look with Google and found:
It seems they have a record of all matches played, then you can aggregate or calculate the standings each day right?

Yes there no really great solution for this in Power BI, that is straightforward anyone.

You either have to collect the data manually or just find a better dataset unfortunately.


There is a request for the ability to export data from Power BI on the ideas page, you can vote for it here.
Maybe the development team wil pick it up some day.

Thx to both of you, I kinda expected there would be no easy way (the question extends beyond rugby, by the way : I believe it is a key aspect of web querying)… I’ll keep digging and update the post as soon as I find something worth mentioning.
(And I did vote for the idea)