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Query based Dynamic segmentation (NO lookup table in data model)

Think this is a unique need. Need to write a DAX query that would do segmentation on-the-fly based on a DATATABLE created in query cannot create grouping/segmentation table in data model for my need.

Below is the model


Here is the query which does not work as it expects a base table. Is there a way we can do this without a base table defined in data model?

    VAR BedroomRange =
        SUMMARIZE (
            ADDCOLUMNS (
                "BedRoom Range", SWITCH (
                    TRUE (),
                    'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] >= 0
                        && 'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] <= 4, "0 - 4",
                    'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] >= 5
                        && 'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] <= 7, "5 - 7",
                    'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] >= 8
                        && 'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] <= 10, "8 - 10",
                    'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] >= 11
                        && 'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] <= 100, "11 - 100",
                    'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] >= 101, "> 100",
                    "No Bedrooms"
            'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms],
            [BedRoom Range]
    MEASURE 'Property'[Arrears] =
        CALCULATE (
            [ArrearsAmt], // this is a measure defined separately 
            TREATAS (
                SUMMARIZE ( 'Property', 'Property'[Nbr. Of Bedrooms] ),
                BedroomRange[Nbr. Of Bedrooms]
SUMMARIZE ( BedroomRange, [BedRoom Range], "lsev", [LSEV By Range] )

Really there is no way to do this without a base table to get the dynamic segmentation.

See the below though for some ideas.

This covers the options you have with this. It might not totally suit your requirements, but you might get an idea from it.

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