Q&A feature - removing DAX or will DAX stay?


I wanted to get everyones views on this.
I am sure we all can see how amazing Q&A is for creating analytics fairly fast.
And it seems like every month this feature will only get more powerful to use.

Now I love using DAX.
But do you guys think the microsoft guys will look at Q&A as a tool to slowly remove DAX.
Or make DAX less important so people who are less technical with DAX would use this BI tool?



I can’t see any reason for Microsoft to completely remove Dax as an option. That would be like revising Excel to only let users use Pivot Tables and not an Index/Match formula combination. Pivot Tables may accomplish many of the same things as Index/Match - but it can’t be assumed to be the answer for every situation.

Over time and with improvements to the Q&A feature, Dax will probably be seen as a tool of ‘power users’ of Power BI, while Q&A is a tool for the masses.


ye thats my feeling too.
just thought i’ll put it out there and get other peoples opinions.



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