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Push Up Power BI Mobile

Is it possible to manage push ups that we get in the power bi application on phones?
Purpose: Sending such notifications, but I myself can specify the text and url directing to a given report.

You can customize the text and trigger of the notifications using Power Automate connectors.

Also, if you have Teams App installed on your phone, you can have customized Adaptive Cards with custom content sent to yourself (or others) using Power Automate.

I will have to send these push ups for 500 users or the whole company - 3000 users.
Will I be able to assign alerts to other users?

I don’t think you can assign alerts to other users. However, if you are the owner of the workspace, you can use Power Automate within Power BI to deliver snapshots of reports through various platforms (SMS, Email, Teams or any other Communication platform) or use Subscriptions to subscribe users to a Report or App.


Hi @Harris, just checking if you’ve tried the suggestions above. Thanks!